Ethical Conduct

The Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network has adopted the following Standards of Ethical Conduct to promote and maintain the highest standards of utility safety leadership and personal conduct among its members. Adherence to these standards is expected from members of the association. These standards serve to assure utility industry confidence in the integrity of utility safety leaders.

As a member of the Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network, I pledge myself to the following Standards of Ethical Conduct:

I understand that the Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network must adhere to certain ethical principles in the conduct of their business relationships.

These principles are intended to strengthen our critical safety mission. They will not cover every situation or challenge that I may face. The following principles shall serve as guidance for me in making sound, ethical decisions in the best interest of the Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network.

I believe in:

  • Honesty, fairness, and integrity
  • Open, candid, communications
  • Mutual respect and trust for each individual and company I deal with
  • Proactive dispute resolution
  • Promising only what can be delivered
  • Refusing to offer or accept gifts, favors, or entertainment that obligates or appears to obligate me to act in any way contrary to ethical business practices.
  • Proper management of confidential and/or proprietary information as it applies to each unique business relationship.
  • Refusing to engage in negative communications either privately or publicly that disparage other individuals or entities of the triangle.
  • Obeying all applicable laws.
  • Encouraging all businesses within my sphere of influence to adopt these principles.

I understand that it is my solemn responsibility to demonstrate the content as well as the spirit of this document within my industry and profession.