USOLN Committees

The USOLN community is engaged, vibrant, and thriving. You have work experiences and great ideas to share.  We hope you’ll consider spending some time volunteering and sharing your expertise with other utility safety and ops professionals. 

  • CUSP Exam Development - Are you a CUSP who would ike to participate in writing CUSP exam questions or sitting on a committee that reviews each question? If so this is the group for you! You'll be working by email.
  • CUSP Application Review - Every CUSP applicant must have their application reviewed by a team of industry peers. If you like to work by email and the occasional phone call then this is a committee that could sure use your help!
  • Newsletter - Communication is critical to every successful association. Each quarter our newsletter committee comprises the latest information for the USOLN.  If you like to work mostly by email and have stromg communications skills the newsletter committe may be a good fit for you.
  • Ethics & Conduct - The USOLN by-laws contain the Code of Ethics that set a high standard of conduct for all members of the Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network.  The bylaws call for an Ethics & Standards Committee, which was recently established by the USOLN Board of Directors.  This site is meant to serve as a resource for members of the public and USOLN membership who would like to file a complaint about a possible violation of the USOLN Code of Ethics. Any individual (the "Complainant”) may file a complaint with the USOLN. The complaint must be in writing, signed by the Complainant, and include the Complainant's address and phone number. The complaint must include a concise statement of the complaint and the name(s) of the Association member(s) allegedly responsible for causing the subject of the complaint. Upon receipt of the complaint by the USOLN, it shall forward the complaint to the Chairperson of the Ethics Committee for review and possible action.
  • New Member Outreach - The USOLN strives to make everyone feel welcome, especially our newest members. If you want to be an advocate of the work our organization does and wish to help in making us grow then please sign up for member outreach.
  • Awards & Recognition -This committee reviews submissions for annual awards and recognition. By email participants will review all award candidates and vote on the recipients.