3 Steps to CUSP Certification

Step 1: Review and determine your CUSP eligibility, complete the online CUSP application, and after your application is approved, register and submit payment.

CUSP logo Official sm The CUSP program offers two levels of certification.  The CUSP-Blue is intended for operations leaders...typically (but not limited to) supervisors, foreman and operations management. The CUSP-Green certification is intended for those in a dedicated safety or training role such as utility safety directors and managers.

Review the CUSP BLUE or CUSP GREEN requirements and determine eligibility.



CUSPApplicationComplete the online application form. Submit your application by email or fax.  Your application will be reviewed by the CUSP application review committee. If they have additional questions regarding your work history, you may be contacted by the CUSP application review committee chair. You will be notified by email within 10 business days whether your application was approved.

In the event you are determined to not be eligible for the CUSP program, a full disclosure of reasons for denial will be sent to you.



CUSP Application



Join the USOLN prior to registering for the CUSP program to receive the discounted rate.



After being accepted into the CUSP program, you can register for the optional Utility Safety Leadership Review and the CUSP exam.

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Step 2: Prepare for the CUSP exam

Take time to study. The CUSP exam is challenging and not easily achieved. CUSP candidates who study and prepare are glad they invested the time. Typically 75% of any given CUSP class will pass. Prepare for taking the CUSP exam by reviewing the guidelines at CUSP BLUE PREP or CUSP GREEN PREP.

Most CUSP candidates opt to take the Utility Safety Leadership Review** prior to the CUSP exam. In addition, you should review the suggested CUSP Prep materials including the Utility Safety Leadership Reference List.

Here is a link to Sample CUSP exam questions (pdf)
- link to Sample CUSP Exam Questions with Answer key (pdf)


Step 3: Take and pass the CUSP exam

examThe base CUSP exam is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions. All candidates will be asked to designate an endorsement exam from the following utility work environments: Electrical Transmission & Distribution, Gas, Civil and Power Generation.

Each endorsement exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions. You must take one endorsement exam along with the base exam. You can opt to take more endorsements if you choose to. There is a 2 hour time allotment for the base exam and one endorsement exam. An additional 30 minutes will be added per each additional endorsement.


**Highly recommended - but not a requirement ... the Utility Safety Leadership Review has been developed. This review is designed to enhance job safety knowledge, leadership skills and to assist in preparedness for taking the CUSP exam.