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canada cuspWe are pleased to announce the Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP) credential to Canada. The Utility Safety & OPs Leadership Network - USOLN will provide the national framework for standardized utility safety professional certification, sharing of utility best practices, and opening up a wide network of industry professionals as a resource for advancing safety in the industry, in Canada, and internationally.

Given the variation in occupational health, safety, and utility regulations amongst the Canadian provinces, the focus of the Canadian program is the development of best practices with due consideration of the provincial internal responsibility systems. Best practices typically set the operational standards above provincial regulations. They also establish the most common methods to achieve operational success within the parameters of common regulations, provide work techniques inclusive of the collective trade experience, and debunk field-level work practices that counter those efforts.

However to achieve some level of synergy in the utility standards, information will be driven by CAN/ULC-S801-14 Standard on Electrical Utility Workplace Electrical Safety for Generation, Transmission, and Distribution. Some Canadian utilities are in the process of a gap analysis of CAN/ULC-S801 and the existing provincial electrical utility regulations. Various other CAN/ULC standards within S801 will also be referenced as standards applicable within the CUSP program. The remaining body of knowledge and standards will be referenced from multiple benchmark standards like CSA, ASTM, and NFPA to name a few. The purpose of these selected standards is to have common source of practices that are referenced as standards within provincial regulations.

Each country participating in the CUSP program will have a certification process developed to reflect the regulatory framework of that country and its governing provinces, states, and territories. In Canada, the CUSP examination process will contain information and standards relevant and inclusive of all common provincial practices. There is no reference to specific provincial or territorial regulations. The standards portion of the program will be based on an understanding of what the provincial and territorial regulations have in common as baseline practices. The scenarios presented within the body of knowledge will be better understood by those persons already practicing health, safety, and work methods within the utility industry. This is important as the CUSP program was created to develop an experienced group of safety professionals already working within utility operations.

The first Canadian examination will be offered in September of 2016. Prior to taking the exam, candidates will have an option to take a 2-day Utility Safety Leadership Review course. There are 3 steps to earning the Canadian CUSP:

  1. Complete and submit the online Canadian Application. Every application will be reviewed by a committee of Canadian safety professionals.
  2. Once approved by the application review committee you'll be instructed on the registration process.
  3. Prepare to take the Canadian CUSP exam by visiting the Canada Prep Page.

We will be posting additional information as to the progress of the CUSP Canada designation and will keep you informed of the program’s progress. Please share this information within your organization and professional connections. The ultimate success of the program is to bring together as many utility safety professionals in the industry and provide for opportunities to share information, attend national exhibitions, participate in professional development, and become involved with many opportunities to contribute to the mission of the USOLN.

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