CUSP Registration & Fees

Apply for CUSP

Please take the time to completely fill out the application. Once we receive your completed application, it is then reviewed by a committee of utility industry peers/CUSP's. You will be notified by email within 10 business days if your application has been approved.

Join the USOLN

Register to become a member of the Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network and take advantage of a discount when you register for the CUSP program. You must join the USOLN prior to registering for the CUSP program to receive the discounted rate.

Register for Exam

After being accepted into the CUSP program, you can then register for the Utility Safety Leadership Review and the CUSP exam. You are not required to take the Utility Safety Leadership Review, but most find it highly beneficial in preparing for the CUSP exam.

Fee Structure for CUSP Review and Exams

ItemUSOLN Member PriceNon-Member Price
CUSP Exam Application Fee
CUSP Review (Optional)
CUSP Base Exam and 1 Required Endorsement Exam
OPTIONAL ITEM FEESUSOLN Member PriceNon-Member Price
USOLN Annual Membership Dues
Each additional Endorsement exam (Optional).
You can take up to 2 endorsements at one time.
One endorsement exam is included in the initial price.

CUSP Retake Pricing Options

ItemUSOLN Member PriceNon-Member Price
1st Retake of CUSP Review
No Charge
No Charge
1st Retake of Base exam and/or 1 endorsement Exam
No Charge
No Charge
Additional retake of the CUSP Review
Additional retakes of the CUSP Base Exam and 1 Endorsement
Additional retakes of Base Exam only
Additional retakes of Endorsement Exam only
$50 each
$99 each

CUSP Recertification Requirements

ItemCUSP Green CertificationCUSP Blue Certification
CUSP Certification Points needed over a 2-year certification
40 CUSP Points
30 CUSP Points
CUSP Annual Maintenance Fee
USOLN Annual Membership Dues (Optional)

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